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Toward the Future of Painting Industry, Maru-T Group


Toward the Future of Painting Industry

The roots of Maru-T Ohtsuka Group companies date all the way back to a small paintbrush workshop founded by Tetsugoro Ohtsuka in 1914. In about a century the Group has grown to be the world's largest supplier in the industry, marketing over 100,000 items from single paint brushes to automated painting lines and from housing equipment to environment protection systems.

Foreseeing the industry's major structural change, Maru-T Ohtsuka was one of the first who tackled the diversification of the product line and developing an overseas supply and distribution network. Now the Group earns almost one third of its total revenue from overseas. In sync with today's fast-shifting business environment, Maru-T Ohtsuka quickly responds to customers' potential and emerging needs by offering right solutions in a timely manner.

"Share hardships, then share offspring" is the Group's motto. Based on a family heritage and values that span 100 years, we continue to strive in delivering innovative products and services that help the well-being of people in our community.

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Vision and Values

Painting Tomorrow and Human Linkage.

These will be our main themes as we pioneer a new future of painting.


About Us

Company Name Maru-T Ohtsuka Corp.
Headquarters 4-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0004
Founded 1914
Incorporated 1947
Representative Shinichiro Waki President, CEO
Paid-in Capital 100,000,000 JP Yen
Number of Employees 94
Business Outline Overview the Group's strategies,
operation and financing
-financial control
-international operation

Group Companies

From Japan to the world. The Maru-T Ohtsuka network continues to expand.

  • Ohtsuka Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd.

    Core business of the Group: manufacturing and wholesaling brushes, rollers and other painting tools, equipment and systems; marketing housing and construction equipment, auto body repair equipment and tools; developing and selling industry-specific software and hardware.

  • Handy Crown Corporation

    Wholesaling house-brand brushes, rollers and painting sundries to home centres, volume retailers and chain shops.


    Production and distribution of various brushes.


    Production and sale of precision injection-molded plastics Design, production and sale of precision molds Production and sale of fabricated articles.

  • OT Trading Co., Ltd.

    Procurement of raw materials, import and export of painting sundries.

  • Daiwa Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturing and sales of plastic-related products.


    Manufacturing, import and sales of machines and tools for car maintenance.Installation and customer service of facility and equipment for car maintenance.Sales and customer service of automobile maintenance management system and estimation system for repairing damage.

Global Network

The Maru-T Ohtsuka network throughout the world.

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