Maru-T Ohtsuka Group
  • Ohtsuka Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd.

    • Core business of the Group,manufacturing and wholesaling brushes, rollers and other painting tools, equip ment and systems; marketing housing and construction equipment, auto body repair equipment and tools; developing and selling industry-specific software and hardware.
  • Handy Crown Corporation

    • Wholesaling house-brand brushes, rollers and painting sundries to home centres, volume retailers and chain shops.
  • Seven Lease Co.,Ltd.

    • Renting, leasing and selling machinery. Equipment and tools for construction and painting.
  • Maru-T Build Co.,Ltd.

    • Installing and uninstalling scaffold, contracting and making asbestos removal, dioxin decontamination and other construction works.
  • Maru-T Net Systems Co.,Ltd.

    • Information processing and custody service for credit card transactions.

    • Production and distribution of various brushes

    • Production and sale of precision injection molded plastics
      Design, production and sale of precision mold
      Production and sale of fabricated articles
  • Polymer Plus Corporation

    • Manufacture and sale of packaging products made from synthetic resins.
  • OT Trading Co.,Ltd.

    • Procurement of raw materials, import and export of painting sundries.
  • Daiwa Co.,Ltd.

    • Manufacturing and sales of plastic related products
  • Overseas Network

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