Privacy Policy

Maru-T Ohtsuka Corp. (hereinafter referred to as MTOC) recognizes the importance of “protection and use of personal information” in today’s information society. In handling all personal information provided in the course of business, MTOC will comply with relevant laws and regulations and other criteria.
Customers’ personal information is essential for us to provide our services, thus it is our social responsibility to handle such information in the proper and legitimate manners.

In order to protect our customers’ information, MTOC implements, applies and manages voluntary rules described below:

  1. When collecting customers’ personal information, we will specify the purpose of use of such information and obtain customers’ consent.
  2. We will handle the personal information within the scope necessary for accomplishing the purposes of use.
  3. We will take the best possible measures to protect customers’ personal information from illegal access, loss, modification, leakage and other misconducts.
  4. We will appoint a chief privacy officer and periodically train, educate and inspect our employees to ensure proper and safe handling of customers’ personal information.
  5. We will never pass customers’ personal information to any third parties except in such cases as it is previously permitted by customers, ordered by laws and it is to protect people’s lives and property.

Maru-T Ohtsuka Corp.
Hisatoshi Ohtsuka, President